Factorium CMMS

Machine Maintenance on Mobile

A solution for enhancing maintenance efficiency,
reducing paperworks, and simplifying workflow processes.
Thoughtfully designed for factories,hospitals, laboratories, hotels, offices, etc.

✅ Lifetime free trial
✅ Easy to install and use
✅ More than 2,100 corporates subscribing

✅ Android, iOS, and Website
✅ One-stop app
✅ Comply with ISO, TPM, JCI etc.

The fastest growing app with 30,000+ users in 4 countries.

Satisfy everyone’s needs with handy full-function features.

International Awards

What is Factorium CMMS?


Lessen redundant tasks, reduce unnecessary paperwork, and
increase a rate of working.

Store, compute, and summarize data automatically and systematically.

Offer data analysis for performance evaluation. Reduce time spent on new hires training.

Enhance team efficiency which then benefits machines’ health

Make more precise decision from real-time and accurate data analysis.

Increase more prompt responses to any signs of machine failures.

Why Factorium CMMS?

Available on Appstore, Playstore, and Web.

As online platform, you can work with your smartphone, laptop, or PC.
Easy to use and easy to install. Enable you to access the system anywhere, anytime.


Typically, CMMS is quite complicated and inflexible.
That’s why we craft the app with UX/UI principles.
As user-centered design, the app is more practical and easy to use.
Users are given a space to share their feedbacks with us for the app
improvement. As a result, more than 30,000 engineers stick to our system.

Awesome Features!

PM Plan

Schedule PM with real-time status updates.
Assign tasks via push notifications on a smartphone.
Create online checksheet and automatic reports.

Tailor for factories

Tailor to satisfy board of directors and engineers who eager to
upgrade corporates to a global standard.
Our system is in accordance and comply with ISO, GMP, JCI & TPM
helping you to step up your performance and productivity.

Seamless Collaboration

Usually, CMMS has no function to connect workflow with other departments.
We then modify to make it more supportive for collaboration among
production lines, managers, stores, or even contractors.
APIs is also available to connect with outside.
These help improve the overall team performance.


No need to worry about an installation and an after sales service.
With Knowledge Center, we offer online video clips educating how to
install, implement, fix, etc. When seeking for help, you can have a live chat
with customer service and technical support.

Innovative, Secure & Flexible

Securely store data in the most professional and reliable Microsoft Cloud
enabling data to be retrieved in no time and allowing corporates to
maximize its growth.

Real-time data access

Cost-effective and time-saving

More team efficiency and productivity








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3 Users

 12 Reporters

 50 Machines

Cloud Storage 50 GB

Free +

✓QR/Barcode Tracking

✓Repair / CM 

✓PM / AM 

✓Spare Part Stock

✓Basic Report

X BI Dashboard

X Calibration

Premium ( minimum 5 Users)

$350 / User/ Year

 Unlimited Reporters

 Unlimited Machines

Extra cloud storage 50 GB/ 1 user

Premium +

✓QR/Barcode Tracking 

✓Repair / CM 

✓PM / AM 

✓Spare Part Stock 

✓Basic Report 

✓BI Dashboard

Calibration (Optional)


* User refers to a full function user which has an access to all data and management. For example, Maintenance Team, Supervisors, Managers, and Spare Part Team.

**Reporter refers to those who perform basic tasks such as reporting an issue,
following up a workflow, and doing an evaluation when a task is done but
cannot perform on repairing or doing PM tasks. Mostly, reporters are production

Quotation Request

Repair Function

  • Online report issue, assign a task, and complete an assignment via your
    mobile devices
  • Less time consuming and less risk of paperwork lost
  • Paperless

Maintenance Function

  • Easy to follow a maintenance plan with reminder
  • Only 3 steps to set PM plan through the app: set a schedule, finish a task,
    and evaluate

Spare Part Stock 

Can be done in 2 ways via the app:

  1. Directly send a Spare Part Request to a stock
  2. Send a Spare Part Request for fixing a machine.

Calibration function

We also offer this useful function complying with a universal standard
for QA and QC laboratory.

  1. Create data comparison
  2. Registering tools and eqipments
  3. Set standard requirements
  4. Set a schedule and reminder for calibration plan
  5. Calibrate as scheduled
    All data can be retrieved for auditing.
    No more frustrating search through piles of paper..