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> 2,600 Corporates

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111 Cities

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4 Countries

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> 40,000

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3,700,00 Machineries

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Factorium CMMS

Maintenance Management System to increase productivity for factories, hospitals, and other industries.

* Smartphone and web apps

* Facilitate workflow with no paperwork

* User-friendly

* Comply with global standards

* More than 2,100 corporates subscribing

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Machine Condition Tracker (VIBRO)

IoT Platform for factories

* Real-time vibration sensor and analysis

* iFRA Platform appllicable to any kinds of sensors

* Thermal Camera to observe temperature

* Designed and advised by 15-year-experience experts

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A smart software for contractor management facilitating process to be faster than ever before.

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Industrial Augmented Reality

AR Smartglasses to step up to Digital Factory

* Support Complicated Training

* Shopfloor Assistance

* Teleconference through the smartglasses

* Customizable

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