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When the equipment, tools and machines have been used for a long time, they will become eroded and worn out which leading to the risks to be broken, damaged and lost. If this happens, it shall affect the work operations, goods production, quality control or even personnel safety. As a result, we need to carry out preventive maintenance for equipment, tools and machines, so that they are consistently ready to use. This will help to reduce the risks from accidents and also helps to extend their useful life and sustainably increase stability of the operation.


In this regard, System Stone was designed to help the organization to reduce risks from the accidents with the flexible management system for the equipment maintenance plan, which can support the operational plans for examination, spare part replacement, repair, cleaning and many other operational plans. Therefore, it helps the organization look after and maintain all type of assets, which are machines, technician’s tools, medical devices, electrical appliances, buildings, public utilities systems, fundamental structures and transportation system, etc.


The highlight of System Stone is that, apart from the ability to set out the operational plan, set out the alarming system and review the operational plan, the system has mobile application which will summarize daily plan and unfinished work plan and directly submit to the mobile phone of the officer in charge. Apart from that, there is Maintenance Examination Result Reporting System through digital check sheet that helps the operator to finalize the work fast and easily. The system also allows the operator to take and attach photo for in-depth data recording, which will reduce the obligation of coordination and operation, increase accuracy in management, eliminate errors, maximize efficiency in personal level and evaluate the performance excellently.